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I have Celery setup and running as a daemon on a Ubuntu EC2 instance. This morning I updated some of the tasks and tried to restart Celery and it wasn't working. After working at it a bit I found:

  • Celery will start if I run the command sudo /usr/local/bin/celeryd --time-limit=300 -f /var/log/celeryd.log -l INFO (which is the command that the init script is using).
  • Celery will not run if I run sudo service celeryd start. In this case the startup script will report that it was started and a .pid file will be created in /var/run, but the process does not exist/is stopped.

Are there any hints on how to fix this issue? I reverted all of the changes to both my tasks file and the celeryconfig module, but that did not seem to help it running as a daemon. I'm using the init scripts from the git repo.

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The issue in my case was due to file permissions. The celeryconfig and tasks files were not readable by the user I was using for Celery. I figured this out by removing the --background option from the the init.d script and then seeing a Python import error.

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