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I'm drawing up some documentation for users with the intent on educating them on certificate revocation. I would like to include screen shots of browsers to demonstrate the user experience when encountering a revoked cert. The revocation can occur via either OCSP or CRL.

I've tried digging around CRLs, but they list the serial number of a certificate and don't provide a URL for me to try connecting.

Could someone provide a URL to a live site with a non-self-signed but revoked cert? Or perhaps there's a way to look up certs in a CRL and cross reference them to a URL?

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Does this one fit the bill?

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That will fit the bill! Thanks. Although there's a funny port number assigned to the URL, the user experience should be the same, allowing for good documentation with screenshots of what users will encounter with Firefox, Safari, IE, etc. – flumignan Apr 4 '11 at 16:36
Note that this is an EV certificate. Some browsers check revocation lists for EV certs but not for non-EV certs. It would be good to have one that wasn't an EV cert to also test with. See e.g.… – David Eison Apr 12 '14 at 18:21

Here's a second in case anyone else stumbles upon this question (my company firewall blocks port 2443 outbound):

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