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Is there a firewall or RADIUS server that can ping a third party web API when a new client/device connects to it?

I'm developing a check-in system that should know which devices just connected to a particular network and it would be great if the firewall software could send a ping to my web server including the devices MAC address.

Can pfsense or some other similar software allow this kind of notification?

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Any acceptable firewall should be keeping logs, which you could just scan for source IP addresses. Keep in mind that you're only going to see MAC addresses for directly-connected LAN devices, and that's at a lower layer than IP, so most firewalls wouldn't log that.

As far as RADIUS, why would that be a factor? Are you using RADIUS in some way to authenticate LAN-side machines?

What is your desired end-state; what's your real goal?

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We will have a captive portal which authenticates users for network access. But once the device has been accepted and given a lease, I still want to know whenever said device connects in the future. –  Mattias Mar 31 '11 at 21:12
OK - if you know the IP address of the device, you can trawl your firewall logs which should be capturing that. That's why I asked what your real goal is - perhaps you can edit your question with a use-case. –  mfinni Mar 31 '11 at 21:14

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