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I bought a domain from whois.com and I am trying to set it up on my Amazon EC2 instance. I have Apache installed on it.

I saw these two related questions here and here but could still use some hand holding given this is my first time trying to set it up.

Would be great to have some links that shows a step by step approach to setting it up from what to do on whois.com to the right config on Apache.

So far, I have created an Elastic IP and have it set under A Records for both my www.example.com and example.com domains to use.

It's not working, not sure what the next steps are? I haven't made any changes to my httpd.conf yet.

BTW, I am still not very familiar with all the sys admin jargon so go slow!

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I found the fault. I didn't associate my instance with the elastic IP from the AWS dashboard. Problem solved!

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