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I am running cruisecontrol with maven to build a Scala-project.

When I run mvn package outside cruisecontrol,the build takes less than 10 seconds, but when I invoke the build from cruisecontrol, the compilation-phase takes about 300 seconds. I am looking for hints and tips regarding how to speed up the compilation with maven.

One thing I have noticed is that CruiseControl keeps getting the error: Failed to reach dashboard instance : http://localhost:8080/dashboard/buildloop/listener either the dashboard has not started up or there is a network problem.

When I google the problem, I see that it is frequent if you don't have a in your config, but since I have this one, I am puzzled by this error.

My config.xml looks something like this:

                                password="XXX" />
                                password="XXX" />
                                goal="clean package"
                                pomfile="XXX/XXX/checkout/trunk/pom.xml" />

                <log dir="logs/remote-control-api-trunk">
                                pattern="TEST-*.xml" />
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config.xml is doing clean package while you mentioned doing just mvn package outside cruise control. Try running mvn clean package.

Some other things you might want to check:

  1. Maven versions used by cruise control and command line, are they same?
  2. Maven super-pom/profiles active in both invocation
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