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I have an installed version of SQL Server Express 2008 but it does not have the full-text service. Short of uninstalling and re-installing the Advanced Services version, what is the easiest way to add the full-text feature?

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There are 2 steps involved

Step 1 - Upgrade to Express with Advanced Features
Run the installer for SQL Express 2008 Advanced Features on your existing Express install. At the SQL Server Installation Center screen select Maintenance, then choose Edition Upgrade. Run through this, it will let you upgrade your Express install to Express with Advanced Features.

Step 2 - Add the Full Text Search Feature
After you have completed the edition upgrade, rerun the Express with Advanced Features installer. On the same screen as above, click Installation and then choose New SQL Server standalone installation or add features to an existing installation. Run through that and it will let you add Full Text Search to your newly upgraded installation.

Note: In Step 2, on the Installation Type screen make sure you choose Add Features to an existing installation of SQL Server 2008 instead of Perform a New Installation of SQL Server 2008.

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Step 1 went OK, but for Step 2 I clicked on "New installation or add features to an existing installation" (the closest choice to the one you specified). I then get a dialog box asking me to browse "for SQL Server 2006 Installation Media". I do not know what to do next. – user35042 Apr 1 '11 at 20:26

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