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I've been searching for a solution online for quite some time but can't seem to find a decent answer, so I might try my luck here...

I'm trying to configure apache+tomcat so that my domain example.com is mapped to a tomcat webapp.
This is the easy part and I figured out I can accomplish this via:

ProxyPass /site ajp://
ProxyPassReverse /site ajp://

I can also access my tomcat itself (to deploy apps etc) via:

ProxyPass / ajp://
ProxyPassReverse / ajp://

But what if I want my blog.example.com subdomain to be mapped to a wordpress instance? I really can't figure out how to accomplish this, while this is quite a basic setup I assume.

All tips and comments are appreciated a lot!

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I would add another virtual host for blog.xxx.com , and set all you need to use your wordpress instance. So you have one vhost for xxx.com (with ajp and all stuff like that) and another for blog.xxx.com.

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Ruslan is right, you need separate virtual servers e.g. a virtualHost block with a specific Servername directive, and then it's own reverse proxy directives.

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