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I using Wamp sesrver, i got the following error, how do I fix this problem?

[client] client denied by server configuration: D:/httpd-2.2-x64, referer: http://localhost/sabredav/

my D:/ doesn't have a folder name "httpd-2.2-x64"

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Have a look in your wamp's httpd.conf file you will probably find a <Directory D:/httpd-2.2-x64> (or similar) configuration block. This block will probably have something like

order deny, allow
deny from all

within it. You can change the deny from all to allow from all to get rid of that error message. You should probably spend some time looking at the Apache core configuration documentation too.

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there is no <Directory D:/httpd-2.2-x64> (or similar) in my wamp's httpd.conf file so I did add it by myself <Directory D:/httpd-2.2-x64> Order allow,deny Allow from all </Directory> and I still got that error –  Yoyo Apr 4 '11 at 11:51

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