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Possible Duplicate:
How to configure a shortcut for an SSH connection through a SSH tunnel

Multiple networks I can connect to have the following set up. There is a single node that can be accessed with ssh from the internet, and from there you can ssh to the inside network.

Is there a way, that on my ubuntu box (no sudo rights), I somehow can configure that the command ssh is first setting up an connection to and from there to In the ideal situation it would be something very transparent, so that I even would be able to do scp myfile

All authentication is done with certificates.

Btw. I am aware of ssh tunnels. I'm only searching something more transparent, I don't want to have to always manually open an ssh tunnel to reach a host.

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edit your .ssh/config file and add:

   User abc
   ForwardX11 yes
   ProxyCommand ssh -qxT netcat 22
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