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In my organization I have one MAC snow leopard server and 10 client systems.

I'm facing a problem : 3 months ago in my organization I haven't any mail server. So I configured a google app server account [like example user mail] All my employees mail boxes are stored on google servers. Two days ago I configured Mac mail server in my organization. How can I migrate mailboxes from Google server app to my own mail server? I hope my employees' mailboxes are very imp.. What should I do?

Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks a lot for your answers.

I still have this dilemma: in my mail server i didn't create any mailbox. If I create a mailbox in my mail server..on the way by using your software can I directly migrate mail boxes from Google app server to my MAC Snow Leopard mail server.

So, what I should do?

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Does the Mac mail server support IMAP also?

You could try IMAP copy

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I would go and setup the new mailboxes on the Mac Server and enabled IMAP. Once you have done that you can use a tool like ImapSync to sync the two mailboxes. Now the problem with ImapSync is its design for a single mailbox so I wrote a script called imapbatch which allows you to sync multiple mailboxes in a single go.

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