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I've a Zimbra Release 6.0.8_GA_2661.DEBIAN5 DEBIAN5 FOSS edition installed on a Debian 5.0. My main disk was running low on space, so I've mounted an additional disk, shutted down zimbra, rsync-ed /opt/zimbra to the new disk, renamed /opt/zimbra to /opt/zimbra_old and mounted the new disk as /opt/zimbra

Trying to run zimbra with '/etc/init.d/zimbra start' complains about missing zmcontrol. So I've added /opt/zimbra/.bashrc with the following content:

export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/opt/zimbra/bin

however, when I type "su - zimbra" the path doesn't get set and even with the following command it doesn't work.

$ sudo su - zimbra -c "source /opt/zimbra/.bashrc; echo $PATH"

I've managed to start the server with:

sudo su zimbra -c "source /opt/zimbra/.bashrc ; /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol start" 

        Starting ldap...Done.
        Starting logger...Failed.
Starting logswatch...Unable to determine platform because /opt/zimbra/.platform does not exist.

        Starting mailbox...Done.
        Starting antispam...Done.
        Starting antivirus...Done.
        Starting snmp...Done.
        Starting spell...Done.
        Starting mta...Done.
        Starting stats...Done.

I can't find the .platform file even in the original directory.

Apart all these problems the server is now running but I would be happy to fix the problems, anyone has hints? Thank you so much in advance!

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Looks like when you copied things over, you missed files with a leading period, most notably .bash_profile, .bashrc, .platform and .ldaprc. The .saveconfig directory is also useful, though technically not required.

My .bash_profile .bashrc and .ldaprc (pastebin links) under Ubuntu 8 x64 shows that the Zimbra path should also include half a dozen enteries under /opt/zimbra. My guess is that your /opt/zimbra/.platform should be DEBIAN5_64 or DEBIAN5 (64/32bit) as mine is UBUNTU8_64.

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I didn't delete the original directory and those files are still there, I missed them when rsyncing from zimbra_old/* - I copied the files in place, restarted zimbra and now it works, thank you! – stivlo Apr 7 '11 at 3:41

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