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Ive squid as http proxy and ive multi nic cards , by default it use eth1 ip in outgoing , i want it to use eth1:1 ip for outgoing any clue ?

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Correct option is tcp_outgoing_address.


Of course, replace with your ip address assigned to eth1:1

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Squid allows you to give it an explicit IP and port combination to bind to. If that IP is bound to eth1:1, that's what it'll use for inbound connections.


To specify which address it'll use for outbound connections, the tcp_outgoing_address directive is a club used to force all traffic to come FROM a specific port.

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man squid.conf

http_port ip_adderss:port

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http_port options sets where squid will listen for incoming requests, not which ip address it will use for outgoing connections – thor Apr 6 '11 at 12:17

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