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I am trying to research a problem with email from the TLD .PL not getting processed by our Exchange 2003 server. There is no record of the email in Message Tracking Center. We have a Barracuda Spam appliance - I see the message there so I know it gets to us. If I freeze the Messages pending submission queue it never shows up. This holds true even if I open a Telnet session and enter the email by hand. No error messages show up in the Telnet session - it looks like it goes through, however it does not.

Any troubleshooting tips? Perhaps the Message pending submission is not the correct queue to be looking in?

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So you're receiveing email for a .PL TLD, meaning your Exchange server should be authoratative for and accept email for this .PL TLD? If that's the case, have you added the domain inquestion (domain.PL) to your Recipient Policy?

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It turns out a prior admin created a Sender Filtering rule (located in System Manager Global Settings/Message Delivery/Properties) *@*.pl They checked the option Accept messages without notifying sender of filtering and unchecked Archive filtered messages which effectively hid this action from the sender and us.

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