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I have the admin access to a Win XP machine, I want to setup that as a public kiosk and so I go to group policy to disable all Command Prompt, Control panel etc.

The problem is, even I have admin right, it also not allowed me to access to those features, even in safe mode! Any method I can regain my control to the machine?

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If it's a kiosk then no personal data should be kept. If that is the case, simply re-image the device. Next time, lock it down by only disabling a few things and then use CACLS to set permissions on the programs you still want to run to only allow admin and system.

You could always configure it and once you have all the settings you want, before the lock-down, create an image. Then use that whenever you need to make changes.

Another choice, lock it down with GPOs and just change them as you need.

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I did it in GPO, but the problem is, I can't find options that applied to ONLY some users. i.e. the policy is applied to ALL including Admin and I can't get in to GPO console anymore! –  xandy Apr 7 '11 at 7:55

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