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I want to create maildirs with unix script, so question is how to create directory like in this example:

if i have only three arguments - mailserver ( and username (john) and time I don`t know how to make that "split part" for unix script, how to extract first three letters for username john look like example above. Thank you in advance!

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In bash you can use the ${} substring match to get a single letter from a string:

coredump@anita:~$ x="john"; echo ${x:0:1}
coredump@anita:~$ x="john"; echo ${x:1:1}
coredump@anita:~$ x="john"; echo ${x:2:1}

So in your script you can assign those letters to variables and use it on the mkdir commands to create your directory structure, something like this I suppose:


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great! it works! – user77473 Apr 7 '11 at 12:01

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