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I have an VB6 application with a lot of COM+ Components. After installing them on my server, I created an application proxy MSI, to deploy it on a couple of workstations.

The installation of the proxy works fine on XP systems but not on Win7. The msi log says "Error registering COM+ application". I have also noticed, that the msi contains not only the .tlb files but also the .dll files, which should not be part of the installer. Another system for production purposes is able to create the msi without having the dll's included and this msi can also be installed on Win7 systems. (I don't have the possibility to examine these two systems for differences, since the production server is not available for me :/ )

It seems to me, that Win7 is not able to install the application proxy due to the fact that the dll's are inside the msi and the question is: What do I need to do, to let the msi be created without dll's ? Can I configure it? Have I installed the components wrong? (I used regasm and regsvcs, dll's and tlb's are within the same directory)

Thanks in advance!

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How did you create the MSI exactly? If you are installing a typelib that information would need to be in typelib table which will be called by the msiregistertypelib action to allow it to be installed correctly. So you shouldn't be calling regasm directly and that is the likely cause of the problem - rather you should be using the built in MSI tables and action. UAC is probably preventing the install this way.

So you need a tool (like wise or flexera/installshield) which will do the COM extraction to populate the typelib table for you.

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I am using regasm and regsvcs to install the components on the production server (and by the way my VB6 app is a hybrid app containing also .NET). After installing them I use the component services administration tool to create the msi. –  Marcus Apr 11 '11 at 8:08

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