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I need help with my DNS setup. Am on plesk 10.1.1 / centOS 5 4 IP addresses, let's say - server main IP

I assigned to ns1.main-domain.tv & ns3.main-domain.tv and to ns2.main-domain.tv & ns4.main-domain.tv

This is my current DNS template on Plesk panel

<domain>.   NS  ns1.main-domain.tv.
<domain>.   NS  ns2.main-domain.tv.
<domain>.   NS  ns3.main-domain.tv.
<domain>.   NS  ns4.main-domain.tv.
<domain>.   A   <ip>
<domain>.   MX (10) mail.<domain>.
<ip> / 24   PTR <domain>.
ftp.<domain>.   A   <ip>
mail.<domain>.  A   <ip>
webmail.<domain>.   A   <ip>

So I added the domain (main-domain.tv on to the plesk panel. Now on the subcription panel(SMB) for the domain main-domain.tv, I added 2 more domains to that they can point to the same directory as main-domain.tv, as in other-domain.mobi - pointing to /httpdocs/mobile other-domain.fm - pointing to /httpdocs/radio and a subdomain admin.main-domain.tv - pointing to /httpdocs/adminpage

On the domain panel(SMB), the primary/master DNS looks like this:

*.webmail.main-domain.tv.   A / 24    PTR server.main-domain.tv. / 24    PTR server.main-domain.tv. / 24 PTR ns1.main-domain.tv. / 24 PTR ns2.main-domain.tv.
ftp.main-domain.tv. A
mail.main-domain.tv.    A
manage.main-domain.tv.  A
ns1.main-domain.tv. A
ns2.main-domain.tv. A
ns3.main-domain.tv. A
ns4.main-domain.tv. A
server.main-domain.tv.  A
server.main-domain.tv.  A
main-domain.tv. NS  ns1.main-domain.tv.
main-domain.tv. NS  ns2.main-domain.tv.
main-domain.tv. NS  ns3.main-domain.tv.
main-domain.tv. NS  ns4.main-domain.tv.
main-domain.tv. A
main-domain.tv. MX (10) mail.main-domain.tv.
webmail.main-domain.tv. A
www.main-domain.tv. CNAME   main-domain.tv.

The problem am having is that only main-domain.tv works whilst others, including subdomains point to the server default template.

Also any domain pointing to the ns1, ns2, ns3 & ns4 will show server default even if not hosted on the server.

the DNS for the other domains under main-domain.tv smb panel, that is, other-domain.mobi & other-domain.fm looks like this

*.webmail.other-domain.mobi.    CNAME   other-domain.mobi. / 24    PTR other-domain.mobi.
ftp.other-domain.mobi.  A
mail.other-domain.mobi. A
other-domain.mobi.  NS  ns1.main-domain.tv.
other-domain.mobi.  NS  ns2.main-domain.tv.
other-domain.mobi.  NS  ns3.main-domain.tv.
other-domain.mobi.  NS  ns4.main-domain.tv.
other-domain.mobi.  A
other-domain.mobi.  MX (10) mail.other-domain.mobi.
webmail.other-domain.mobi.  A
www.other-domain.mobi.  CNAME   other-domain.mobi.

I added another subscription on just to test and that works fine.

So, I don't know what i've done wrong...can someone please put me through cause I've been on dis for like 2 weeks

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I need quick help please!........... –  Silas Apr 7 '11 at 22:10

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Have you created the relevant virtual-hosts in apache so that the incoming requests get sent to the correct directory ? I don't know plesk so can't help any more than that.

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Yes, that's done automatically by Plesk. –  Silas Apr 7 '11 at 22:00

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