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Is there a way where I can install two instances of ImageMagick with two instances of imagick for php? Our server has a really old version of imagemagick installed, in which, many websites rely upon it, However, I need a newer version installed side-by-side, so that new sites can run of the later version without affecting the old one and the sites its connected to, can it be done? If so, how?

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Compile/install by hand the software that you need (imagemagick, and a recompiled version of the php module) to a location where you do not overwrite current versions (using PREFIX when running ./configure).

Then copy the current php.ini file, and edit to your needs to load the new modules.

Then use (having mod env loaded):

SetEnv PHPRC /location/of/php.ini.with.new.options

In your vhost definition or in a .htaccess

P.S. It could be better to add IfModule outside the declaration :)

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normally newest version of imagick and imagemagick are retractive, you can update your package the old site will still be able to work. Like I said normally. Try it out on another server to be sure, and if it work, then update the package. (most easy way to do it I think)

Hope this will help you

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