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For a couple of years, I maintained a "mirror" of my blog (hosted in my old account) on a free page hosted in Googlepages. Over the years, people started using links to that mirror instead of the primary site - and the Google bot learned about it, thus replying to queries with URLs that point to the domain.

After a couple of years, Google announced it would migrate Googlepages to Google Sites, where people wouldn't be able to write their HTML/CSS/JS, and instead would use on online editor. I had no desire to spend any effort doing that, so I just (a) setup the redirection offered by Google, from the old URLs ( to the new Google Sites page ( and (b) had that Google Sites page contain direct links to my main page.

And it worked fine. Until now - or at least, until recently.

I checked yesterday, and found out that URLs to my old site ( are now getting 404s, and are not redirected to Google Sites.

Did something change, recently, in the way these redirects work? Note that I checked some other googlepages links (not of my old site, of other peoples) and it appears they work.

Or was the redirection a temporary service offered by Google? (if so, I can't understand why - the resources involved in this are surely trivial for someone like Google).

Any hints/suggestions most welcome.

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The googlepages URL redirections are now working again. I don't know if this post had anything to do with it or not, but regardless - thanks for fixing this, Google.

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