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I am a developer and work with a couple of servers. Is there any program that allows you to securely save SSH (and other related info, such as KVM access, etc) securely?

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I think you are asking for a program that is essentially a secure vault for your usernames and passwords, so seeing as the others have answered in a different way, I will say that we used to use KeePass:

If you are the only person accessing the password DB then you should have no issues, but as we had multiple people accessing it was infuriating when one person had a lock on the DB, so we moved to PasswordManager Pro:

Hope this answers your question!

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I use Keepass too. Newer versions allow for simultaneous access ;-) – Renik Apr 8 '11 at 16:47

For SSH just use the config file. Default for ssh client on unix like sytems (i.e. ubuntu) is "$HOME/.ssh/config" and syntax is documented on man 5 ssh_config.


Host                     foo
User                     oper
IdentityFile             %d/.ssh/myoperid_rsa

then use:

ssh foo

And you get the same as:

ssh oper@ -i ~/.ssh/myoperid_rsa

For security concerning, just be sure that ssh key files and config file are only readable by you (chmod 600).

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I don't know what kind of information you want to securely save securely (joke regarding your question), but ssh-keys and ssh config file do the job.

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