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I have a and How do I adjust the MX records accordingly to where all mail sent to goes to one server (IP1 66.xx.xx.xx) and all other mail sent to goes to another server (IP2 67.xx.xx.xx)? -> IP1 -> IP2
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Make sure you have DNS records for the mail servers, for example:         IN    A     66.xx.xx.xx         IN    A     67.xx.xx.xx

Then create an MX record for each domain:         IN    MX    10               IN    MX    10
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The correct way of doing it would be the delegating Refer to the documentation to delegate

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Delegating is completely unnecessary in this situation. In fact, it would only complicate things by requiring at least one more nameserver to delegate to. – Cakemox Apr 8 '11 at 19:56

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