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I'm trying to set up an apache and DNS (bind) server on CentOS 5.6 I want to have 2 domains, test.kom, and d.dg.kom, pointing to a single IP,, which is the IP of the server.

D.dg.kom works great. test.kom does not. NSLookup results for test.kom are "* Can't find test.kom: No answer"

/var/log/messages for named say "the working directory is not writable" and the 3 zone files say "loaded serial #####..." with no errors. There's also an error for a logging channel I tried to set up, but I'm pretty sure that's unrelated.

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1. Please don't post off-site image links. Include the actual configuration information in your question. 2. This question is not programming related and is therefore off-topic for Stack Overflow. – Greg Hewgill Apr 10 '11 at 20:25
Sorry Greg. I only have SSH access, as the server is a VM off-site. It's difficult to copy text from the window. I'll do better next time. – Derek Apr 10 '11 at 21:16

Your test.kom zone file is missing a trailing period for the hostname of the A record. Add that in, and it should work as expected. (Alternately, look up test.kom.test.kom right now, and you will likely get an answer.)

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