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i'm using windows hosting, plesk, smartmail.

i have few mailing list. when mail out, i would like all bounce email go to one email address.

for example, when sending email using abc@domain.com and cde@domain.com, if the email is bounced, i'd like the bounce email to go to the bounce@domain.com rahter than goes back to abc@domain.com or cde@domain.com.


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The "Reply-To" field is added by the originator and serves to direct replies, whereas the "Return-Path" field is used to identify a path back to the originator.

You can independently set the Reply-To, Return-Path, and From emails to all be different addresses. Return-Path should receive your bounce messages.

For example from a list I monitor:

Return-Path: <wikitech-l-bounces@lists.wikimedia.org>
Reply-To: Wikimedia developers <wikitech-l@lists.wikimedia.org>
From: xxx <user@example.com>
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Be aware that in a lot of cases the sending MTA will ignore a Return-Path header and use its own, some do not. Typically return-path is implied from the From address, although during the actual mail exchange the mail from entry can be differnt from the from address in which case the Return-path would be different.

Excellent write up here: [http://stackoverflow.com/a/1247155/629057 describing in detail the process.

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