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I have a Dell PowerEdge 2650 with hardware Raid - two drives in Raid 1, four drives in Raid 5. Originally, all six drives were the same size, but a while back I upgraded the Raid 5 array and kept the original drives as spares for the Raid 1 array. One of the Raid 1 drives has now failed, and I want to use the spare that I kept that used to be part of the Raid 5 array. Can I just insert the spare drive into the slot the failed drive came out of -- will the system accept it as a new replacement in the Raid 1 array, or will it be confused by the old data that's already on it?

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If the server is up and running when you swap it over it'll be just fine, it'll recognise it as a new drive and start the R1 rebuild. I'm glad you asked, always makes sense to check if you aren't comfortable by you're fine this time.

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Thanks for the quick answer! That was what I expected, but I wanted to be sure before going ahead. It's happily rebuilding now. – Randy Orrison Apr 11 '11 at 9:45
Great news, glad to help, sometimes we all just need someone to confirm we're on the right track - that's what SF is often best at :) – Chopper3 Apr 11 '11 at 9:48

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