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I'm trying to run an AWS EC2 instance for a facebook app. I chose the micro Amazon linux 32-bit as my OS. I'm able to SSH in and install PHP with yum, but when I run phpinfo() I see --without-sqlite in the configuration. Also, my sqlite php page was erroring out on the line that tried to open the sqlite file. I did a yum search for sqlite and php and I didn't see the php5-sqlite pacakge available. How can I get SQLite working with PHP on this system?

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You can still use PHP PDO to use SQLite3, even if your install of PHP doesn't have native SQLite support compiled in.

You can install the PDO library with:

yum install php-pdo

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That worked great, thanks! For anyone else that finds this question, I found the PDO tutorial on PHPRO helpful. – James Apr 11 '11 at 16:10

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