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It turns out that I cannot use Nullmailer so that Logwatch and other services, like Wordpress, can send email. So I have just now set up Postfix by issuing two first two commands here. I now wonder if there is anything else I need to do post-installation to make sure that Postfix is working properly and is secure.

I've tested to send email through Wordpress and it works.

Note: Postfix will only be used to send outgoing email by the system. User email is managed using Google apps.

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If you have the default install then relaying should be disabled by default. It would be easier to check if you could post your /etc/postfix/

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The default Ubuntu install should be fine, and secure. Goto a relay tester like Open Relay Test to check no-one can mail through you to spam.

Keeping Postfix up to date with `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" every now and again should be pretty future proof.

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