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I have a problem in resolving the domain and found out that there is a issue with dns settings.

I wanted to configure Reverse DNS for my virtual dedicated server(windows). My isp is godaddy.

How do i know whether my server dns settings are correctly configured?

I have Plesk with windows server.

Please kindly help me.

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Your should forward all your requests about reverse zone to your ISP support (GoDaddy). They are responsible for reverse DNS zone.

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If you set the Reverse DNS (also called PTR or pointer) first then use this tool you can check if it's correctly set: DNSWatch

Type in the IP address you want to check the Reverse DNS for in the box under DNS Lookup / IP lookup.

At the top of the page it tells you which Servers looked up the Reverse DNS for you.

At the bottom look at this part:

Domain Type TTL Answer

Answer is the current Reverse DNS entry. Bear in mind it can take a day to update if you change it.

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