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I am a newbie to all of this. I just installed sendmail however, I am getting the following error:

Apr 13 05:24:06 localhost sendmail[27071]: My unqualified host name (localhost) unknown; sleeping for retry
Apr 13 05:25:44 localhost sendmail[27074]: My unqualified host name (localhost) unknown; sleeping for retry
Apr 13 05:27:01 localhost sendmail[27076]: My unqualified host name (localhost) unknown; sleeping for retry

What should I do? I am guessing that it has to do with my /var/hosts setting. Please guide me through.

My hosts is: localhost admin.api.frapi

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While it may not directly answer your question, I would suggest you apt-get install postfix - this is just personal preference but I find it easy to configure & manage. Lots of people love sendmail, I'm just not one of them :)

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I actually just uninstalled postfix and revert back to sendmail – EquinoX Apr 13 '11 at 15:11

I don't have the exact answer for you, but I would recommend you to check out this page for configuring Sendmail.

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