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I will be getting the Dell Management Plug-in for VMware vCenter soon and was wondering what peoples experience has been with it so far. My main goal for implementing this is to have better management of the firmware and the health status of my Dell servers. Dell claims:

  1. Provide deep-level detail for inventory, monitoring and alerting - all available inside the vCenter console.
  2. Deploy BIOS and firmware updates.
  3. Deploy the hypervisor to bare metal without PXE.
  4. Initiate proactive vCenter actions based on Dell hardware alerts.
  5. Provide access to hardware warranty information online.

While I am not so interested in the hypervisor deployment, the vast amount of information this seems to provide looks great. In the past I have used IT Assistant and DMC for firmware pushes/health status, but I really like simplicity, control, and the supposed ease of setup of this plugin (at least from what the marketing materials show me).

There isn't extensive documentation on this product so far, < 30 pages in all including whitepapers, FAQs, and the brochures. Are they any pitfalls I should watch out for that might not be mentioned in this brief documentation? Is there anything I should prep server side before I try to launch this? How was the roll out of this for you?

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