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I am trying to understand how RRAS and NPS work together so I can see if it would make sense to implement the two in our environment and I see references in one of the Sybex books using the term "Remote Access Profile".

I have also come across statements such as "Link a Day-And-Time-Restrictions policy to an active Remote Access Profile". I have not been able to find such an explicit "profile" item in either RRAS or NPS.

1.What is it referring to?

Furthermore, in the NPS console, there are connection request policies and network access policies. I find this topic, or at least the way it's explained in the book confusing.

2.Does the first refer to rules for establishing a connection to begin with and the second to allowing access to resources if and after the connection is established?

3.With NPS being the Microsoft implementation of RADIUS, why would you need a RADIUS Client/Proxy if you can send the authentication requests directly to the RADIUS Server?

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