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I'm developing client-server app and trying to secure the connection. I'm using openfire as the server. I don't want any other jabber-clients to connect to it except mine.

I want to make it by using SSL client certificates ... I would integrate it in my client application, import it into openfire and check it on every connection attempt.

Does anybody had experience securing openfire server in such way? I would like to know how to generate certs (cert type), import it in openfire (still can't import anything!) and use it on the client side.

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This should probably have been asked on stackoverflow.com since it is a software development question. –  Caleb Apr 14 '11 at 7:45

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SSL certificates are not a solution to limit connections to only verified users. SSL certificates are designed to prove the identity of a host, but not that of a client.

It sounds like you need to implement some other private key based authentication system, possibly using PGP or RSA keys built into your program.

Also be aware that building keys into your program would make it easy to take advantage of your system if the app fell into the wrong hands, and it would be hard for you to fix because you would have to distribute a new app. Usually keys should be distributed separately so that they can be updated by the user if necessary.

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