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  • Accidentally, I deleted my '/etc' & '/bin' folder (I know, my fault).
  • Then, I boot liveCD and tried to copy or fix this issue.
  • And then when I can't figure nothing to fix it, I don't know why, I want install system on my existing system, and I thought that new installation don't touch and change my /home folder. This step Was my biggest mistake, after this I get raw /home partition without my data.

Now, I'm trying recovery my data from /home, and i don't know how do this. I'm using program testdisk but I don't know how it work with lvm and ext4.

Can I recover content of /home or it's impossible?

If you need more logs please tell my what command to run.

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You can try extundelete. It's in yum and may be available in LiveCD distributions.

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I tried it, but this program recover some junk and nothing valuables. Anyway, Thanks for advice. – user78428 Apr 14 '11 at 17:14

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