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Is there a Heroku or Engine Yard equivalent for Python?

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Mnn, not quite. As of early 2011 there are several promising projects in this space, but nothing that has reached the level of maturity and size of Engine Yard.

From this excellent list by Graham Dumpleton:

Several of these are early stage / under development, so a comparison can't really be made yet.

In addition to the above startups, there is Google App Engine with its special & limited Python runtime, and maybe also Joyent. Joyent used to be very Engine Yard alike, a value added & scalable web host, but now I really can't figure out their current marketing / market position. But you might want to give them a call.

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The closest equivalent to Heroku for Python is... Heroku. They recently added full Python support.

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Google App Engine comes to mind.
We're going to need more details about what features you are looking for in order to adequately answer your question.

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