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Does anybody know if MS-Project 2007 can be used as client to a ProjectSever 2003 installation? We have an existing setup with Project-Pro 2003 clients on XP. For our newer Win7 machines the standard Project is 2007. Will this work ? Or would we have to install Project 2003 Pro on the Win7 machines? (Rather not do that, as the rest of Office on the Win7 machines will be 2007.)

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I know this is a long dead question, but in case it comes up for anyone's search:

No, Project Pro 2007 can not be used with Project Server 2003. Under certain circumstances (Backward Compatibility Mode is enabled) Project Pro 2007 can act as a client for Project Server 2010, but other than that, the client and server version must match.

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Thanks Jamie. We did go the "install 2003 route" and I never got around to testing the 2007/2003 mix. But it is good to know for the future that this is not an option. It means I need to make sure the next version (if ProjectServer is used at all) is going to be 2010. – Tonny Oct 13 '11 at 15:25

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