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I want to compile PostgreSQL and need to set a default for unix_socket_location. It should be /var/run/postgresql instead of /tmp like in the default build configuration.

In fact I just want to set a default for the unix_socket_location parameter, but I don't get where to set it. It is no ./configure option, and I don't know where to look anymore, althought the docs say it can be changed during build time.

Where do I set a default for unix_socket_location?

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Edit src/include/pg_config_manual.h, change DEFAULT_PGSOCKET_DIR, (re-)build.

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The parameter you want to set is named unix_socket_directory. It can be configured in the postgresql.conf file. E.g.:

unix_socket_directory = '/var/run/postgresql'

You will probably need to restart PostgreSQL for a changed value of unix_socket_directory to take effect.

I don't know whether the default value can be changed at compile time, but if you set it in your postgresql.conf, the default will never be used.

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