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I have the following spec file (below), I want to add to the Source - /root/

How do I add second source ?

For example

Source: /root/ /root/ ( is illegal)

The SPEC file

 Summary: An example tool. To show a simple rpm build of the tool.
 Version: 6.2
 Release: 2
 Source: /root/ 
 Group: Development/Debuggers
 License: OtherLicense

 rm -rf %{buildroot}

 mkdir -p %{buildroot}/home
 mkdir -p %{buildroot}/home/home1

cp %SOURCE0 %{buildroot}/home
cp %SOURCE0 %{buildroot}/home/home1

%pre -p /bin/ksh
uname -a


%post -p /bin/ksh


uname -a
print "Now we wait for sleep" ; sleep  1
print $NUM
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You can find this information on TLDP's RPM-HOWTO


You can also specify more than one source file using lines like:

Source0: blah-0.tar.gz
Source1: blah-1.tar.gz
Source2: fooblah.tar.gz
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