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I can't figure out how MySQL and httpd (Apache) are being started on my Fedora 8 server.

The machine boots to runlevel 4 just fine. And somewhere along the way, MySQL and Apache are being started. But they are NOT being started via /etc/init.d -- checking chkconfig --list shows all "off".

And they're not mentioned in rc.local.

The ps ax output for httpd shows " /usr/sbin/httpd -f /home/webuser/helloworld/conf/httpd.conf" -- so it is being explicitly started with a specific config dir, etc.

Any ideas or further places to check for the startup would be most appreciated!


Larry ps. The server is a Amazon pre-built server image based on Fedora 8.

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I'd start fishing with

find /etc -type f|xargs grep -i helloworld

That will do a recursive search on all the regular files in /etc for "helloworld" (case-insensitive)

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Thanks, this was helpful. I'm new on this board, so I can't vote you up. So I'll give you 'right answer' even though the real right answer (for my specific situation) is below. Thanks again, Larry – LarryK Jun 15 '09 at 19:52

After much grepping, I found it: there were entries in root's crontab for event time "@reboot" --

# start mysqld on reboot
@reboot /etc/init.d/mysqld start

To update: crontab -e # (as root)

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Try going to {/etc/rc4.d/,/etc/init.d} and grepping for http and/or apachectl. I have an app that distributes its own apache and mysql instances and it installs its own startup scripts as /etc/init.d/APPNAME-{WEB,DB}.

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