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On a linux box using .htaccess you can deny access to folders etc... and when the user attemps to visit that directory/file, a window pops up asking for username/password.

How would you do this on iIS 6?

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In the IIS MMC you could do the following:

  • Navigate to a website
  • Right click click in a folder
  • Choose "Properties"
  • Choose "Directory Security" tab
  • Click "Edit" under "Authentication and access control"
  • Uncheck "Enable anonymous access"
  • Check "Basic Authentication"

Then add a local Windows account and add that user to have "Read" access to the directory using normal NTFS permissions.

It will prompt for a password and the Windows Account credentials will let you in.

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perfect. Thanks man. – Jack Marchetti Apr 18 '11 at 16:15

I've used IISPassword in the past with great success. I believe that this will work with IIS6.

UPDATE: just checked and it does work on IIS6 - no updates since 2009 though...

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