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I did not set the server up so there is probably a setting that I'm missing. My server has a SSL cert installed and it appears to be configured to accept secure connections. However, whenever a https request is sent, a 301 response is given and the user is redirected to the resource they requested but with http. I'm not an IIS whiz or anything, but I've looked through the properties, the Web.Config file, and anything else that looked remotely like it could be a configuration file, but I haven't turned up anything. Can anyone here shed some light on why this might be happening?

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A couple of points I can see straight away

  • Check that there is no redirect in place(content for this source should come from... in home directory/or directory tab)
  • Does your application have a URL hard coded? You can check this by putting a plain Hello world HTML file in the directory, removing the others and seeing if that is redirected.

If it's the application then you should be able to fix that. If it's the server doing the redirection then you can resolve the redirection and then tick the box saying that this site requires a secure connection.

Good luck :)

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Thanks for the response. On the first point, there is definitely no redirect in place. The "Home Directory" tab specifies a local directory. As for the second point, I had suspected that the application was causing the problem, but my CMS vendor is telling me it's a server configuration issue, though I'm starting to doubt that. I did test with a plain HTML document and I got the same result. –  res Apr 18 '11 at 16:30
So if your hello world is also redirecting then the problem must be in IIS. Easiest way to fix would be a shared desktop - please let me know if you would be happy to do this. –  vsltd Apr 19 '11 at 14:01

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