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I've tried using 'rate' to limit the traffic speed of a VM inside the config file but that only limits the incoming traffic speed of traffic to the VM. I want to limit the speed traffic can flow both ways.


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how do you do limit it? – silviud Apr 18 '11 at 23:02
@silviud I use the 'limit' setting in the Xen VM config file. – Joel Kennedy Apr 18 '11 at 23:40
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I use XEN 4.2.2 at the time of this reply.

  • Remove rate=X from your guest config file and shut it down.
  • Make sure your kernel have at least the following enabled:
  • IP: advanced router
  • TCP: advanced congestion control (all options enabled)
  • QoS and/or fair queueing (all options enabled expect the debug ones)
  • Install 'tc' command
  • Verify it's working by running: tc -s qdisc ls dev eth0

If you get no errors, you're ready to modify /etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge

Find this word 'online)'

Just add before ;;

tc qdisc add dev "$dev" root tbf rate 120mbit burst 20mbit latency 5ms peakrate 125mbit minburst 20mbit mpu 64

So the modified version of vif-bridge should look like this:

        setup_virtual_bridge_port "$dev"

        mtu="`ip link show $bridge | awk '/mtu/ { print $5 }'`"

        if [ -n "$mtu" ] && [ "$mtu" -gt 0 ]


                ip link set $dev mtu $mtu || :


        add_to_bridge "$bridge" "$dev"

        tc qdisc add dev "$dev" root tbf rate 120mbit burst 20mbit latency 5ms peakrate 125mbit minburst 20mbit mpu 64


Find this word 'offline)'

Append to first line: do_without_error tc qdisc del dev "$dev" root

        do_without_error tc qdisc del dev "$dev" root

        do_without_error brctl delif "$bridge" "$dev"

        do_without_error ifconfig "$dev" down


Using the above TBF rule your guest should have roughly 12.5MB/s upload and 14.0M/s download speed; a bit over 120Mbps

If you upload/download same time, both upload and download speed should be about 7.5MB/s ~ 150Mbps total bandwidth

This is what I got after an hour tweaking. If you find better values; please let us know

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While I'm not sure of a way to limit the inbound traffic to a Xen DomU (which is actually what you claim to have already done), I have limited outbound traffic in the past by making a very simple change to the vif definition in my DomU's config file. For example, for one guest, I am using:

vif = [ 'rate=5Mb/s , bridge=xenbr0' ]

Like I said, though, this will only limit the rate of outbound traffic.

I've also read (but haven't tried) that you have the option of specifying a time window to tweak the latency/throughput, as well, with a syntax like the following:

vif = [ 'rate=5Mb/s@25ms , bridge=xenbr0' ]


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