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I use Retrospect every day to backup to a LTO3 Tape.

The Script in retrospect backs up a few folders both on the network and local HDD's. It backs up 2 network drives on 2 separate windows servers just fine but when it backs up a OSX Server 10.6 Network drive it gives the error.

18/04/2011 11:58:17 PM: Copying websites on Xservex5
File "\\XSERVEX5\websites\": can't read security information, error -1012 (feature unsupported)

The scripts use a network share login that has administrator access.

While the backup will still complete without problems it would be nice to do away with the daily emails at 2am....

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Turned out that the server didn't like hidden and .DS_STORE files over SMB/CIFS from the mac to windows. setup the mac server to backup using the retrospect client and it fixed the problem.

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