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I am running Apache on a box. I want to redirect every hit coming to that site to the entry page of a different site.

Site1 is Site2 is

I want every URL on Site1 to be redirected to site2 after stripping out everything at the end - i.e.

1) ==>
2) ==> (NOT
3) ==> (NOT not

I have the following ProxyPass setting in Site1

ProxyPass /

1) works fine - i.e. goes to
2) & 3) try to go to /abc & /pqr/mno on

How to I prevent this - I want everything on to go to the entry page on site2.

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Are you really sure you want to use the ProxyPass directive ? Is a public server all you client can access ?

If yes, then it looks more like a redirect to me.

But if is really a "private site" you want to proxy through, then perhaps ProxyPassMatch could be used like below:

ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*)$
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ProxyPassMatch ^/(.*)$ doesn't work. It redirects to I want everything to be redirected to base site2. – Genboy Apr 21 '11 at 6:05

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