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I want to process all emails sent to (that is any subdomain of to a PHP script using EXIM. Is this possible and can someone show me a tutorial/clue related to this one.

I'm creating a SaaS apps that create to a user with and email * with it.

I've already setup the wildcard dns for domain and mx * 14400 IN A mail 14400 IN A * 14400 IN MX 10 mail

I hope can receive some example or clue to the right direction.

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There are some addresses you should exempt such as postmaster, abuse, hostmaster, and any other administrative addresses. I would recommend you pick a domain or two that will be used for email rather than wildcarding the domain.

  • Configure local_domains to include *, or a specific list of domains.
  • Enable wildcard aliases and configure an wildcard alias to and local part which will run your process. Add a router to handle this id and direct it to a new transport. Add the new transport to run your program.
  • Test and release

You will likely need to configure the transport to run as a specific user.

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