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There seems to be little literature regarding these files. On a couple windows servers we see discovered huge (like almost 2gb) httpd.exe.hdmp files in the documents and settings folder. In one specific instance:

C:\Documents and Settings\mschenkel\Local Settings\Temp\2\WER8299.dir00

  • Are these some sort of log file which gets created when there is a problem with the server?
  • Is it ok to delete them?
  • Is there a setting in httpd.conf so they don't get created?
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The files are not generated by Apache per se, but by Windows when Apache (or another process has an error. From;EN-US;949180

Windows Error Reporting in Windows Server 2008 generates the following information:

A report manifest file (Report.wer)
Operating system version information (.version.txt)
Application information (.appcompat.txt)
A heap dump file (.hdmp)
A mini-dump file (.mdmp)

However, you cannot access user-mode process dump information by using this feature.

To configure Windows Error Reporting, you can modify certain registry settings. For more information about how to do this, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

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