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I have a web server (IIS) running perl. Is there any way to offload the perl processing to an external server? For example, I have server_a with various sites that may include perl CGI scripts. I want to have server_b such that when requests for a perl script are issued to server_a, the processing is offloaded to server_b.

Adobe ColdFusion server has such capabilities with their Web Connector. Anyone know of such a thing for perl?

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In addition to what Chris S mentioned, you might consider this if the perl is triggered by an external http hit

- Assume the hostname for the existing IIS perl server is `www.foobarme.local`.

- Assume the hostname for the new perl offload server is `perl.foobarme.local` 
(you probably already know where I'm going at this point)

- Rewrite your HTML to refer to `perl.foobarme.local`.


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You could easily setup server A to proxy certain requests to server B where the perl processing takes place. You could get into more complicated schemes, but I doubt they'd work well in the long run.

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Here is a page that explains how to setup the reverse proxying and URL rewriting correctly so that it actually works:

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