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Linux has a PAM module that manipulates cgroups. How is it configured (what options does it support?)

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The settings for the module are controlled by /etc/cgrules.conf just as for the rest of the cgroup facilities. When added to the PAM stack for a particular program, the program will inherit the cgroup as appropriate for its UID/GID.

If you add the pam_cgroup module to the login stack, the user's process will all automatically belong to the user's cgroup when they log in.

The details of this are actually documented in the README file for libcg. Here's a direct link to the README in the git repo.

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for services other than login, like su, you can force the PAM module to fire by editing the services file in /etc/pam.d/_service_ – Rooster Jan 16 '14 at 0:08

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