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It doesn't let me run anything outside the public_html directory. So I want to disable it. Please help

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Virtualmin does not prevent you from running things outside of the suexec docroot. It is one of many options for running PHP applications.

Select the virtual server where you'd like to run applications outside of the suexec docroot, and click Server Configuration->Website Options.

There you can choose whether to run scripts as the server owner (which enables or disables suexec), among other things.

If you want that to be the default for all virtual servers created in the future, you can edit your Server Templates under Apache website. But I would recommend you only do this for the one virtual server that needs to be able to run stuff outside of /home.

And, are you sure you don't want to just install your applications into /home? It allows them to be backed up as part of the normal Virtualmin backup process, in addition to the security benefits of suexec.

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