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I would like to use iperf to test my WAN bandwidth connection. However, I can't find a good method to install and administer it. I'm a Windows guy and don't know much about Linux, and googling iperf didn't help much. Do I need to run the server part on a machine inside my network and have it test the WAN bandwidth and send it to a machine outside the network? The details are greatly appreciated!

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Perform a search for iperf here on SF and you will find lots of examples and details about usage of iperf. – Zoredache Apr 22 '11 at 22:46
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To my knowledge, yes.. you need two hosts running iperf at each end:

  • One server with the command: iperf -s
  • One client with the command: iperf -c ser.ver.ip.address

Here's a windows binary you can use: (run it from the command line in windows)

Here's a tutorial I've used for a while that pretty much has most of whatever information you need to run it successfully: (you can find out about extra options you can use with it... my favorite for bandwidth throughput would be -u for UDP traffic tests--on both client and server)

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