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I've followed the Solr tutorial, but the URL they make you use is:


What is the most simple way to change this URL to:

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I think I figured it out myself. What I did was, inside the example directory, rename




Also, I changed a line in solr/conf/scripts.conf to

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If you are running Solr with Jetty, you can change it in webdefault.xml. Detailed instructions here

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Seems a little different in 2014 with Solr 4.10:

From the "example" directory or your equivalent:

  1. edit contexts/solr-jetty-context.xml <Set name="contextPath"><SystemProperty name="hostContext" default="/foobar"/></Set>
  2. edit solr/collectionName/conf/scripts.conf : change webapp_name=foobar
  3. java -jar start.jar

I'm not sure where the webapp_name parameter is used but it seems reasonable to keep this.

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