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I have configured my router ( to serve only one machine with IP and set up a SQUID proxy on I have defined some rules (ACL) regarding connections to internet on SQUID proxy.

I changed the Gateway of the rest of the machines ( - from to

The policies which I defined in SQUID are working properly but 'Linux Evolution mail' client is not fetching mails.

Do I have to change any other settings on 'Linux System' or 'Evolution mail client'?

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Are you using transparent proxy? –  Caterpillar Apr 23 '11 at 6:48

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Squid only handles web browsing traffic on port 80. It does not handle protocols like POP or IMAP that are use to connect to mail servers. As such the machine squid proxy machine at is able to proxy web traffic but all other traffic just dead ends there. You will need to configure it as a full blown router using iptables or other rules in order for it to pass along other kinds of traffic.

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